🎡BAZAAR 1.0🎡- Sunday, 19th September 2021, 2PM ET

Fast Food Punks
3 min readSep 16, 2021


Hoodie Gang with those Hoodie Vibes

Hi Everyone!

It’s the 3rd week of the month and we are fast approaching this Sunday, which means another carnival… 🎡THE BAZAAR 1.0🎡

So what will you win at the Bazaar? Of course, ETH prizes as well as an FFP!

Yes for those who have participated in previous carnivals, the Popup Stall and Funfair, you will be familiar with the games. BUT! You will never know what’s up as the games are all carefully curated to give you the best experience!

Ask those who have participated in any carnival and they will tell you… It’s the BEST!

🍔Ticketing is now open!🍔

All Employees (FFP holders) please go to the discord “join-channel” and type !join. Please make sure you connect Metamask to the correct wallet holding your FFP, so you will be able to obtain the ticket to this event.

Once verified as an FFP owner, you will get the role “Bazaar 1.0 ticket” and will be able to see the channel 🍔bazaar-1🍔.

We have faced problems with users on mobile phone trying to do this, so if possible, use your desktop PC to do this. If you have any problems, post in the “🙃verify-issues” and someone will come to your help.

🍔If you do not own an FFP, you will NOT get the ticket. There’s still time to grab one from Opensea here: https://opensea.io/collection/fast-food-punks

A quick explanation on why we have to do this for every event, because in between events, we have members of the community (ex-FFP Owners) who have sold all of their FFPs and thus are ineligible to participate as these events are only for FFP Owners. To ensure fairness to all HODLERS, every event’s ticket verification will ensure only the real owners get access to these events. Sorry for the trouble and you may hate us for this, but we will hate ourselves more if a non FFP owner wins any of the prizes. This would be unfair to our FAM.

Who’s READY? And remember to hold on to your FFP’s as the burger airdrop event is coming up.

For those Customers who don’t own an FFPs yet, now is THE TIME. Time to get excited!

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