Fast Food Punks — Twitter Giveaway Winner

Congrats to @Kade86 for winning the ‘Pizza Brand’ Alt hat Fast Food Punk #96 2in the 24 hour Twitter Giveaway for reaching 1k ETH in trading volume!!

!!! Thank You All for Entering !!! Be on the lookout for more.

Also, if you are a Fast Food Punk holder, don't forget to join the Discord room and verify you FFPs today.

If you don't verify, entrance to The First Ever Fast Food Punks 🎡Punknival!🎡….you will be missing out on 3 Giveaways. Three sweet ass “Alt Cap” Fast Food Punks…. See you at The First Ever Fast Food Punks 🎡Punknival!🎡

Date: August 8th, 6pm London, 1pm EST, 10am PDT.

  • FFPs Verified Holders Only
  • BYOC (Bring Your Our Caps)

Hire a Fast Food Punks Ape today on Opensea

Follow project updates on Twitter @FastFoodPunks


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Fast Food Punks

Fast Food Punks


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