🍔Hoodie Gang — The Vibe🍔

Fast Food Punks
1 min readSep 4, 2021

Feared, misunderstood and still mostly un-hugged, the utilitarian, enormously popular garment, the hoodie, has staged a comeback against a backdrop of broken ice cream machines and floor sweeping.

Kanye said it best when he said: “sweatshirts are f^cking important.”

Worn by millions of youths every day: a generation’s default wardrobe choice was transformed into an instant chill cloak for a vibing youth.

We approached a Fast Food employee wearing a hoodie to understand why the hoodie is so important, he replied “I’m trying to have a cig break and slide into some female FFP dms, I’m ngmi talking to you.”….. He flipped up his hoodie in a sign of frustration and proceeded to walk behind the dumpster.

It may be more newsworthy and misunderstood now, but the hoodie and the vibe it represents have been with us for a long time.

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