🍔Last Call For Burger’s 🍔 Free Mint Closing on the 24th October

Fast Food Punks
2 min readOct 23, 2021


The burgers mint are finally coming to a close! After almost 2 weeks, and it will officially close this SUNDAY, 24 OCTOBER 2021 6PM UK TIME.

🍔Again, big thanks to FFPs Team and Devs for working non-stop to ensure our community members who had problems minting were resolved.

🍔For those who still have not minted your free burgers, there is less than 24hrs remaining to mint them.

🍔After that, the window will be closed forever as the remaining burgers will be released for public sale.

🍔We will be sending a few more reminders in the Discord as well to remind you to mint them, we mods are nice people.

🍔Again, please only go to the Discord 🔗│official-links and the site to mint burgers: https://mint.fastfoodpunks.com/

🍔Lastly, we need to reiterate that, after the window is closed, we will NOT be able to assist you in minting because they will be moved to the public sale project.

🍔So if you have friends who own FFPs, do help each other out by reminding them to mint.

🍔Have a great weekend ahead🍔!

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