Meet the Fast Food Punk Ape Employees!

The foundation of every store branch is the Ape employee. With so few of these hardworking FFPs to go around, the demand is banana's.

From a recent Human Resources representative’s comments, the Ape employee is strong and always willing to unload the supply of nuggets all own their own. They are at high risk of being approached by other store owners.

The Ape’s Motto…“We don’t care bout nuthin but nuggin”.

Some Statistics:

  • Total of 17 Ape’s Minted (total of 1,000 FFP mints)
  • Ape Cap Colors: 9 Red/6 Black/One White/One BK Crown(The only Alt Brand Ape)
  • Backgrounds Colors: 14 Blue/One Orange/One Purple/One Red
  • Highest Sale as of August 6th: 10.0ETH FFPs#438 and FFPs#020
  • Highest Current Bid on an Ape: 24 ETH for FFPs#438 (Auction Ends at 8pm EST.) Wish the action Here.

There are many more attributes to these Apes. Head over and visit the Ape’s at the Fast Food Punks Ape gallery to learn more.

Hire a Fast Food Punks Ape today on Opensea

Follow project updates on Twitter @FastFoodPunks and the FFPs Sales Bot @ffpsalesbot!



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