Moving on up!…..Next!!!!!

It has been a busy 24hrs!

The Fast Food Punks NFT project continues sizzling along the Opensea Rankings with no signs of slowing down.

Based on the data points provided by the Store Branch Managers in the past 24hrs, FFPs sales and volume is on a tremendous surge. Store Managers have mentioned some big social media names visiting the FFPs Discord Community. Stop by, grab a broom and start sweeping those floors!


  • All-Time Trading Volume: 360ETH
  • Total Unique Owners: 358 Wallets
  • Current Floor Price: 1.9 ETH (started at .01 ETH))
  • Mint Supply: 962 of 1,000
  • FFPs twitter account now has over 1,860 followers, displaying the growing community around FFPs.

Project Updates:

Grab a Broom, Time to Sweep!