Parking Lot Q&A with the 12 ETH Alien Seller

Fast Food Punks
2 min readAug 3, 2021


Fast Food Punks #023 Sold For 12 ETH

The Fast Food Punks team was able to sit down for a Parking Lot Q & A session with Dale aka fluidbadger (@CryptoDale) the seller of FFPs #023 — Alien for 12 ETH.

Fast Food Punks: How do we address u? Some intro for us the fam?

  • Dale: Dale aka fluidbadger (no idea how or why I picked fluidbadger

Fast Food Punks: Run us through the exact moment, what u were doing when u realized u sold an alien for 12 ETH and how you felt.

  • Dale: I was on the golf course and saw an email that I had an item sold on Opensea. I figured it was one of the FFP’s that I had around .15 eth. Then I remember I delisted most of those so I pulled up the email and saw the Alien sold.

Fast Food Punks: How did u get into the Fast Food Punks project and what made u do so?

  • Dale: FFP twitter account followed me and with the craze of punks I checked their page out then opened their Opensea page. I missed my opportunity with OG punks and figured I’d give it a shot. When I looked at their page, I saw they we’re all listed for .01 eth so I snagged the first 9 ever sold.

Fast Food Punks: Any tips and pointers for all NFT collectors out there, new or old?

  • Dale: My only tip is find a piece you like just incase you never sell it 5.

Fast Food Punks: What do u see as the future for FFP and for NFTs as a whole?

  • Dale: I think this is an awesome project with an even better community. It is the best alt punk Project I’ve seen. The FFPs are just clean and they have a lot of good things going for them.

Fast Food Punks: In one word, describe how u feel right now!

  • Dale: I don’t even know just 1 word. I can’t believe I sold an alien. The craziness is just beginning.(edited)

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