🍿Pop-Up Stall 1.0 — Giveaway Time

Fast Food Punks
2 min readSep 3, 2021
Pop-Up Stall 1.0

Hello 👋 Fast Food Punks NFT holders!

Two more days to our first Pop-Up Stall 1.0!

Your Sunday’s will never be the same again, with a carnival every weekend!

We understand that hosting the last two past Punknivals at 6PM UK Time is 1AM for some, and 6AM for others.

We have listened to your feedback FAM, and spaced out the event timings over different time zones, so hopefully everyone can participate!

POP-UP STALL 1.0 will take place on SUNDAY, 5TH SEP 2021, 2PM CST

Ticketing is now open!

🍔All Employees (FFP holders) please go to 🔍verify-your-punk in the Discord and type !join.

🍔Once verified as an FFP holder, you will get the role “Pop-Up Stall 1.0 ticket” and be able to see the channel 🍿pop-up-stall-1🍿 in the Discord.

🍔Please make sure you connect Metamask to the correct wallet holding your FFP, so you will be able to obtain the ticket to this event.

🍔We have faced problems with users on mobile phone trying to do this, so if possible, use your desktop PC to do this.

🍟Where to Find Us🍟

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🍟 Visit the Fast Food Punks Website: www.fastfoodpunks.com

🥤 Join the Fast Food Punks Discord Community: discord.gg/fastfoodpunks

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